As you can see, I have updated the layout of this website, again.

I was content with the last layout that I was using, but it was very difficult to use with Google AdSense. I tried to figure it out numerous times, but the ads would either show up in the most random places, or just not show at all.

This layout seems to be fast, clean, the menu system works MUCH more efficiently, ads appear to be working where I tell them to be, and overall it feels lighter.

I went ahead and forced SSL on my domain, and have done a few other things on the back-end to help speed things along.

For some reason my website has been under a constant bruteforce attack for quite a while now, and I can’t quite wrap my head around why they’re doing it.. I’ve been changing my password weekly, enforced Google ReCaptcha, migrated to SSL, and yet they still persist with the login attacks and file-inclusion attempts.

It’s more irritating than anything, but it’s always fun to block several hundred foreign IPs at once – most come from Ukraine, China, Russia and other Eastern-European nations.

Here is a screenshot of half of a page of attempts, and there are well over 7,000 pages of this. This happens all day, every day.

It just baffles me that people out there either still have botnets that have thousands of devices at their disposal, or just have an infinite amount of proxies that they have access to. I don’t get it..

Don’t you have anything better to do? There is literally nothing on my server, except for the stuff that I have posted publicly.