AtvDB v2.0 – 07/31/2019

This is an all-in-one tool, used to assist with ‘modding’ the Amazon FireTV and FireTV Stick.
I know that there are plenty of programs out there that do this same thing, and they’re probably even prettier than mine; I don’t care, I wanted to create my own.

AtvDB 2.0

– Connects to Amazon Fire TV device via local network (wired, or wifi – your computer MUST be on the same network as the AFTV)
— Ability to download Kodi and Exodus Redux directly within itself
— Detects and identifies connected device
— Displays device information
— One-click install of Kodi (currently version 18.3)
— One-click push of Exodus Redux to /sdcard/download/
— Perfect for noobs and advanced users

AtvDB v2.0 – Download – 4.0 MB

AtvDB v1.2 – Download – 68.6 MB
AtvDB v1.1 –Download – 61.5 MB

Special thanks to:
@regaw_leinad – for his AndroidLib project
@sphinx02 – for creating Firestarter – I LOVE it!
@autoprime – for being my dude team for their awesome work – I’ll always call it XBMC 🙂 team for their awesome Indigo package


07/31/2019 – v2.0
(+) Added device detection and identification.
(+) Added the ability to download Kodi (15.0-18.3) directly within the program itself.
(+) Added the ability to download Exodus Redux 0.0.8 directly within the program itself.
(+) Added the ability to uninstall Kodi
(+) Added the ability to factory reset Kodi to stock configuration
(+) Added the ability to delete Exodus from /sdcard/download
(+) Now displays device serial number and FireOS version information
(*) Fixed a connection bug that was not allowing the device to connect after disconnection
(*) GUI is now larger, to accommodate new features and download status bar
(*) Enable/disable buttons – determined upon connection status
(*) Application now creates an ‘apk’ directory to store the downloaded data
(-) Removed Indigo
(-) Removed static Kodi 16.1 apk (no longer included with zip package, and must be downloaded after program has ran)

03/17/2017 – v1.2
(*) Fixed some small memory leaks.
(*) Modified GUI – removed Installation tab, merged buttons onto main tab.
(-) Removed Hubwizard
(-) Removed Firestarter
(-) Removed Sportsdevil
(-) Removed Llama
(+) Added Indigo
(+) Added Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
(+) Added the ability to factory reset Kodi application (clear UserData & cache)

11/27/2015 – v1.1
(*) Fixed Kodi apk installation leaking memory and timeout
(*) Changed GUI slightly – added status bar, added status messages
(+) Added Firestarter
(+) Added option to manually start/stop ADB server, for people whose ADB connection might crash for whatever reason
(+) Added ability to reboot AFTV, because, why not?

04/19/2015 – v1.0
– First initial release (non-public)

VERY vague tutorial (if you do not understand what anything that I am saying means, please do not continue, and read-up! I’m not here to spoon-feed)
It looks like a lot, but I promise, it’s very simple, and doesn’t take more than 3 or 4 minutes to do!

– (On FireTV) Enable ADB Debugging
– (On FireTV) Enable Apps from Unknown Sources
– (Within AtvDB) Enter the FireTV’s IP address into the IP Address field and click Connect
– (Within AtvDB) Download Kodi
– (Within AtvDB) Install Kodi
– (Within AtvDB) Download Exodus
– (Within AtvDB) Copy Exodus
– (On FireTV) Run Kodi

Figure out the rest for yourself! 🙂