Ouya ToolBox v1.1.2 – 07/10/2013
One-Click-Style Root/Recovery/Backup/Restore/Sideload/WifiADB


 This is a compilation of commands that I found in tcollum’s post in this thread in order to obtain a usable su binary, Superuser, CWM Recovery, BusyBox, and some other cool tweaks!

This is for the people who do not know how to download/setup Android SDK/ADT, or know much about ADB in general, and will root for them!
If you’ve never rooted before – this will root your device.
If you’ve lost root for some reason – this will root your device.
If you’ve lost root due to an OTA update – this will root your device. 
(for the record: if you have lost your su binary from /system/xbin, you need to reinstall an ota update to recover it. this program does not restore that file, yet.)

If you are having any problems with this program not working right, or getting “exception” errors while using it, please use the TEST VERSION below!

Ouya ToolBox v1.1.2 – Download – 19.1 MB
Ouya ToolBox v1.1.2 *TEST* – Download – 19.2 MB

*TEST VERSION* If you’re receiving an ‘unhandled exception’ error when you load the program, PLEASE USE THIS VERSION FOR NOW!
50% of you guys are having issues with 1.1.1 or 1.1.2, and the other half aren’t (myself included.) There is a problem with the way AndroidLib.dll interfaces with the Ouya’s ADB responses. The author, @regaw_leinad and I are going to try to work together to get it resolved! 
This version WILL work for you, for root and recovery, but there is NO detection support! It will ALWAYS say that the Ouya is connected!

Connect Ouya to your computer via usb
If you’re not already rooted (or have lost root,) your first step is to click the Root button. This will configure SU.
Next, install both Superuser and Busybox.
On the Ouya, run Superuser and select “Install” (NOT install from recovery!) from the options.
Run Busybox, grant it root access when it asks, wait for the files to verify on the screen, then select Smart Install.
After that, the rest is up to you! I would suggest installing CWM Recovery and making a full backup!

This program takes a few seconds to open when you run it, because it scans your computer to see if an Android device is attached, and also generates all of the files needed during the process.

I will be implementing more features very soon, and will try to make it look prettier for you guys!
PLEASE let me know of ANY bugs or problems that you encounter! This program is nowhere near complete or finished!

* Root (su configuration)
* Install Superuser
* Install Busybox
* Device detection
* CWM Recovery Installation
* Sideloading APKs
* Manually reboot to.. system/recovery/bootloader
* Manually boot into cwm recovery from bootloader
* Real-time logcat system log viewer
* Open a standard user, or root shell
* Manually mount filesystem as RW or RO

Not Working YET (coding now)
* Wifi ADB toggles
* System Backup/Restore
* APK Backup/Restore
* Wireless ADB connection support

Thank you guys!


Ouya ToolBox 1.1.2 (released 07/10/2013)

Modified AndroidLib.dll (thanks to regaw_leinad!) bug fixes&features:

* More detection bug fixes for those with Exception errors.
* Chaned gui appearance slightly
+ Manual installation of APKs
+ Links to FAQs
+ Manually mount filesystem as RW or RO
+ View logcat in real-time
+ Manually open a standard or root shell
+ Manually reboot to Bootloader
+ Manually boot into CWM from Bootloader mode

Ouya ToolBox 1.1.1 (released 07/08/2013)

Complete rewrite of root and recovery functions:

* Fixed broken root script from 1.1
* Fixed broken recovery script from 1.1
* Again fixed detection issues
+ Upgraded to AndroidLib for better stability and improvements

Ouya ToolBox 1.1 (released 07/07/2013)
+ Added CWM Recovery feature

Ouya ToolBox 1.0.1 (released 07/07/2013)

Bug fixes:

* Fixed major bug where su file was not being generated sometimes
* Modified device detection, and it should not hang/freeze now

Ouya ToolBox 1.0 (released 07/05/2013)

This was the first public GUI release:

+ Auto-detects Android device connection
+ Configures SU binaries
+ Installs Superuser.apk and Busybox.apk
+ Quick system reboot
+ Reboot to recovery
+ Displays connected device ADB ID
+ About section with support and donation links
+ Manual device connection scan with Refresh Device button
+ Events disable functions if no device is found
+ Kills adb server upon exit
+ Auto populates resources if they’re not found

Ouya ToolBox 0.1a (released 07/04/2013)

This was the first alpha, command-line batch script release:

* Configured SU binaries through ADB
* Installs Superuser and BusyBox APKs through ADB

Very special thank you to:
Natan G – For his $20 donation! 
Dennis G For his $4 donation!