Here are the official stock LG E960 (Nexus 4) ROMs for each carrier.
Since the phone isn’t actually released to the public yet until the 13th, I have no way of knowing if these are in beta still, or not.

I will modify this more as time goes on, and try to keep up-to-date with any and all releases/leaks/etc.. for all of you.
These files are in TOT format, and are loaded just like a regular BIN file through Emergency Mode via LGNPST.
You will be required to have all of the proper Generic Components and Models installed for this, as well.
I will try to provide links for everything that is required, after I upload the firmwares.

Until the phone gets released to the public, please don’t ask me questions such as: “Is this rootable?” “Is this 4.2.x?” “Is this unlocked?” or “Will you father my children?”

Factory Images: “USG/Google_Open_16G(United States)”
LGE960AT-00-V10c-NXS-XX-NOV-13-2012-JOP40C-USER+0 – Thanks to TheManii
LGE960AT-00-V10d-NXS-XX-FEB-16-2013-JDQ39-USER+0 – Thanks to TheManii
LGE960AT-00-V10c-NXS-XX-NOV-14-2012-JVP15L-FACTORY_0 – Thanks to houstonn (note: NOV-14-2012)
LGE960AT-00-V10d-NXS-XX-MAR-04-2013-JVP15L-FACTORY_0 – (note: MAR-04-2013)

It appears that all of the images are the same for each country, from what I can tell.
If I find out otherwise, I will sort them accordingly!

Thank you all for your help!
PS: I don’t have this phone, and probably never will; I’m just helping out because I have the ability to do so, so my updates might be a little later than I intend.