Recently I have been plagued with this error message:

This message stems from a printer that is here on our corporate LAN at work: a Xerox AltaLink C8070
No matter how many times I completely remove/uninstall the drivers for it, Windows still seems to think that it needs to download a driver that does not work. The exact name of this driver is: Xerox – Extension – (as seen below.)

Now, this is not necessarily a “fix,” but this will definitely make it stop checking for that corrupt update.
Note: this will work on any Windows Update, and is not limited to this specific update that I am speaking about.
First, you will need to download the Microsoft tool “wushowhide” (Windows Update Show Hide)
Here is a direct link to it, as Microsoft has removed it from their website for whatever reason:
(right-click this link and click “save link as”, in order to download it!)

After you have downloaded this file, open it, and you will be presented with this screen:

Click Advanced Options, and put a check in the box for “Apply repairs automatically,” and then click next.

Now you will be presented with this screen:

Click “Hide updates” and you will see the following screen:

Put a checkmark next to any/all updates that are giving you an issue, and click next.

After it scans and resolves the issue, you will see this message!

Click close, and go retry your Windows Updates!
You should now see it scan for updates and not show an error message after it has finished. 🙂