February 2, 2014

GalaxyTab3_Toolkit v1.1 Released

I’ve released version 1.1 of GalaxyTab3_Toolkit today! Please visit the Projects category and check out the new features, and reworked GUI!
January 23, 2014

GalaxyTab3_Toolkit v1.0 released

I’ve updated GalaxyTab3_Toolkit to version 1.0 Includes bug fixes that were found while fetching the GalaTab3 Kernel, as well as separated the ‘links’ into their own […]
January 20, 2014

GalaxyTab3_Toolkit v0.1a

I’ve released the GalaxyTab3_Toolkit v0.1a Find all project information  under the projects category!
December 18, 2013

Ouya Toolbox information

I have stopped development on the Ouya Toolbox, as I have sold my Ouya. If and when I buy another one, I will continue development on […]